Nowadays everyone is looking for a cheap gimbal for the phone. Many video makers, especially those who use smartphones as the main tool for capture video clips, in one way or another realize whatever contemporary their smartphone is that’s not enough for smooth video capture. Mobile’s optical stabilization is not perfect and in most cases, loses against external additional accessories such as phone gimbal and other kinds of smartphone stabilizers.

In today’s stylish buy rating, you’ll see the most relevant cheap gimbal for phone models with automatic engines and manual grips.

Let’s start from the budget gimbals’ price range.

The Stylish Smartphone Grips, Gimbals & Stabilizers 2020

First I advise understanding price ranges. With the simple manual budget gimbal for a smartphone, you can buy approximately 20$ – 60$. Action camera gimbals will be in a 20% higher price range but occasionally all typical smartphone gimbal can fit with all popular action camera models.

The second piece of advice is to determine how flexible your cheap gimbal for iPhone should be. In the case of smartphones, you can set on any gimbal. Sometimes you had to use additional adapters but still, it’s not a problem comparing to DSLR or EVIL cameras. Hight device weight is not only a problem for some gimbals but if you are looking for a flexible gimbal you should be caught with mount. We recommend using a 1/4″ mount that capable with a mountable device weight 450-1200 grams. Unfortunately, such flexible gimbals are at the top of the price range but the quality and reliability are insane and many professionals use them for commercial projects every day.

Third, you should pay attention to devise dimensions display height and total weight. All cheap gimbals have button control on a lever in the mix of smartphone remote control. In case of buying most stylish fitness tracker gimbal choice is not so difficult but anyway there are some peculiar properties you should follow with.

Let’s start from the budget gimbals’ price range.

1. ChargerCity Pistol Grip Stabilizer cheap smartphone stabilizer

Cheap Gimbal for Phone: Stylish Smartphone Stabilizers
Cheap Gimbal for Phone: Stylish Smartphone Stabilizers

Minimalism and simple of use is a key feature of ChargerCity Pistol Grip Stabilizer and the company achieves top market position just because its a cheap and simple solution for beginners.

Your expensive smartphone does not offer you safe solutions in case of dynamic or action events when you used to record a video or take pictures on your risks. You can also use this cheap gimbal as a tripod to avoid shaking or trembling and capture shots of the night sky, panoramas, and many other things that require a solid stand.

This is one of the most budget solutions on the market available now if you are looking for a cheap gimbal for your mobile phone. Nothing complicated in this gimbal for example buttons and engines. It’s a very simple stab holder with a clip adapter for all popular smartphone models. If you want a better video recording quality from your smartphone and don’t want to spend lots of money on it ChargerCity Pistol Grip Stabilizer is your choice.

Gimbal’s holder can be transformed into a stab but you cannot set a height like in most common stabs.

The clip is available even for a small camera because it has a 1/4 screw.
Remote and micro-SD adapter is included with this cheap gimbal for phone. It works fine with Android smartphones that we have tested with. Camera 360 app sometimes got connection problems but it can be fixed in future updates.

In conclusion, we should note that for this price it is a really good stabilization device that can help you make some shoots with your phone or even a small camera without shaking effects that always occur especially when you are not ready for it. The remote feature is really useful sometimes.

Pros Cons
Simple to set up.
Very cheap gimbal for iPhone.
Solid construction.
Good choice for beginners who don’t want to invest lots of money.
No small mechanic parts.
Very flexible and fit for different smartphone models.
Easy to use.
No application from official manufacturer.
Sometimes a clip can be stuck.


Cheap Gimbal for Phone: Stylish Smartphone Stabilizers
Gimbal stabilizer for GoPro

This particular gimbal is a stylish gimbal for iphone and gopro and perfectly fit for selfie shoots it fixes your smartphone in one position. Perfect and minimal weight stabilizer decent horizontal stabilization ability. You can use it with smartphones up to 6 inches display and all popular action cameras also.

Clip and handle quality is very decent and all gimbal device looks solid and holds your gadget properly so it does not slip out of your hand or from clip while you’ll be taking some photos or action videos.

OCTO MOUNT is also weather-sealed and easy to use. It is a cheap and good quality manual gimbal for beginners. For professionals, such a device will not be enough for obvious reasons for example stabilization only on one axis and it’s not enough for commercial video content production.

This gimbal perfectly fits for bloggers and videographers beginners who start making content and discovering new opportunities providing by the cheap gimbal market. You can use not only smartphones but action cameras also as we have mentioned before GoPro, Yi 4K+ Action Camera, DJI Osmo Action, Sony RX0, Olfi One. Five Black, SJCAM SJ8 Pro, Garmin VIRB XE and it is not a full list of capable models.

Pros Cons
Good Quality stabilization.
You can use it with GoPro.
Versatile mount socket.
Simple to set up.
No need extra manuals just set up and shoot.
Convenient application for IOS and Android devices.
Very flexible cheap gimbal’s clip.
Easy to carry.
Low weight.
Low price.
No application.
Weak design.


Cheap Gimbal for Phone: Stylish Smartphone Stabilizers
Cheap gimbal for phone

In the case of the video, the main problem of all smartphones and action cameras is not a poor lense light ability or deeps of field or amount of megapixels but stabilization. Every year manufactories trying to improve stabilization quality in different ways, some make it by using software algorithms, and hardware updates, but still achieve perfectly smooth results is impossible without using additional gadgets such as gimbals. Many professional gimbals are too high price, and too high weight, so sometimes it is impossible to carry on some active events. The main feature of some small manual gimbals is portability and of course, it’s a cheap gimbal for phone price.

SHOULDERPOD S1 Professional Smartphone Rig is a universal portable solution for people who like mobile photography and videography. This gimbal can be used as a stabilizer, monopod, and clip for your gadget. The clip size is capable to hold smartphones from 1.89 up to 3.66 inches, it makes the device flexible to use on most of the contemporary smartphones on the market such as iPhone 6-11 Plus, Samsung Galaxy Note 4-10 и Sony Xperia Z1-3 Ultra and others.

Gimbal has decent quality and low prices which makes a device a tempting choice for mobile videographers and photographers. It’s also one of the stylish gimbals for travelers who can’t take a heavy device for the journey. Gimbal’s handle made of low-weight aluminum, and you don’t need any additional tools to set all construction.

SHOULDERPOD S1 is easy to set up and use. You need to put your smartphone into a clip and place it on holder’s grip. For more comfortable use manufacture providing a suede wrist strap. If you remove the clip from the handgrip you’ll get a good tray that you can put on a table or other surface for static shoots.

One of the main unique features of the S1 is a compact size thus able to carry in any type of jeans pocket or in a small bag.

GImlal’s clip is from soft plastic, and your phone wouldn’t be scratched while you’ll be using it. For good capability, we recommend removing some protection cases with the additional battery, because the manufacturer designed a cheap gimbal for all popular models to use without any anticipation of additional accessories.

Pros Cons
Features 3 in 1: use it as a Tripod Mount, Filmmaker Grip, and Traveler Stand
Nice Quality stabilization.
Low price range.
Low weight.
Very portable.
The clip works well with all popular smartphone models.
Good quality wrist strap.
The handgrip can scratch.

4. RetiCAM Smartphone Tripod Mount with Hand Grip gimbal stabilizer iPhone

Cheap Gimbal for Phone: Stylish Smartphone Stabilizers
Hand Grip gimbal stabilizer iPhone

RetiCAM HG30 is a more than starter gimbal kit for videographers and photographers beginners. It’s a solid and simple manual stabilizer for improving your creative content quality. The device is very versatile, portable, and flexible at the same time.

Handgrip made of high-quality aluminum and has a low weight. You can use an additional lanyard if you worry about your device’s safety.

RetiCAM will fit for every smartphone in a wide range from 2,1 “up to 3,6”, even with any protection case. Besides, you can set handle grip to another tripod or monopod because RetiCAM has a (1 / 4–20) socket and use your smartphone for panorama 360 shoots or like a webcam, and also you can remove handgrip and use a clip like a GPS while you are driving.

Clip’s rubber pads protect the edges of the smartphone from scratches and also have a space for gadget’s edge buttons such as camera, volume, on/off button, Bixby helper, etc. Fully compatible with all popular smartphone models Apple iPhone, Samsung, Google Pixel, Sony, OnePlus, and others.

RetiCAM HG30 is a versatile cheap gimbal for a phone because you can use it not only with your smartphone but with all action cameras or even camcorders also. That’s because the handgrip has a 1/4-20 mount on both sides, and you can put your action camera or smartphone with a clip holder or portable light for some action shots.

RetiCAM is an impressive cheap gimbal, because many modern smartphones have great recording and photo ability, of course, it’s not a replacement for DSLR or expensive camcorders, but for creators, this is a good chance to try to make something beautiful and creative just using this simple and cheap device.

Pros Cons
Nice Quality stabilization.
All-metal construction for both phone mount and grip.
Strong and durable.
Low price.
Wrist strap included.
Works with all smartphones up to 3.6″ wide.
Good quality of handgrip
Manual stabilization.
No apps are available.
No additional accessories in the kit.

5. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 stylish gimbal for iPhone

Cheap Gimbal for Phone: Stylish Smartphone Stabilizers
Stylish gimbal for iPhone

DJI has released the successor of DJI Osmo Mobile for all videographers and enthusiasts who use a mobile phone as the main capture tool for video clips. DJI Osmo Mobile 2 doesn’t concede to the previous model due to all performance features and costs even less than the previous model.

In contrast to the previous model, this cheap gimbal is more like amateur oriented people’s choice. It has been created for those who don’t want to spend hours in mobile and stabilizer calibration settings. The manufacturer ensures that to reach good results you should make a few simple steps. First, you need to put your smartphone on the gimbal’s clip. Then turn on your Bluetooth and synchronize it with DJI Osmo Mobile. And the last step is to download firmware from DJI GO and you are ready to shoot cinematic movies.

There are only three buttons you can use to control the gimbal and it’s very simple. Control buttons work quickly and the final results are very smooth. The main reason why is DJI Osmo Mobile 2, not the stylish gimbal for iPhone ever is its price for some mobile videographers it can be too high.

The handle has three-axis stabilization and easy-to-manage utility that works perfectly with iOS and Android devices, charges by a micro USB adapter, and has a simple built-in USB socket, and providing a charger for other devices. But it’s more like a marketing trick because 2500 mAh is not enough for charging contemporary smartphones.

It takes approximately two and a half hours to charge DJI Osmo Mobile 2 to full battery. The maximum weight of 205 grams and the maximum rotation angle is 170 degrees. Many users like multiply modes feature – Motion Lapse, Time Lapse, Hyperlapse, panorama, and others.

The new DJI gimbal is expensive, but many of those who don’t want to read manuals and understand a complicated settings menu will buy this gadget.

Pros Cons
Hight Quality stabilization.
Good autonomy.
Many different modes.
Simple control for novice users.
Carrying case included.
Convenient application for IOS and Android devices.
Very flexible to orient a phone on gimbal’s clip.
Easy setup and quick start.
The stabilization mechanism is too sensitive.
If you touch the mount during operation, it starts to rotate quickly.
The power bank function is useless due to the small battery capacity.
The mount is designed in such a way that the charging cable cannot be connected to devices with a large diagonal.
High price.

In a conclusion, I should say that the market for cheap gimbals is now overcrowded and you will find exactly what’s fits you well for all purposes and goals. The main key feature of all cheap gimbals for the phone is manual use and that’s why it’s a low range price. It’s a great opportunity for all beginners who want to start creating something interesting and exciting.

Every month hundreds of models appear on the market so it’s becoming competitive and manufactories trying to implement some additional features to attract new customers.

If you are an enthusiast who creates videos using smartphones sometimes you wonder is it worth it? Though the mix of digital and optical stabilization on modern smartphones is good but not perfect. Especially if you are going to shoot some action, for example running, sports or motion. Fortunately, you have options. Today you can choose between an automatic stabilizing system or a manual one. There are three existing brands on the market. Two of them producing gimbal assemblies which are universal and easy to buy in most shops all over the world. We’ll review all the mentioned systems in more detail and count all the pros and corns. Note, these stabilizers and gimbals will be capable of all the latest iPhone models and most of all older Apple smartphones. All types of popular Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy, Google Pixels, Sony Experia, and others.

We have passed half of the 2020 year and during this time our team has tested all popular models of 3-Axis camera gimbal systems for smartphones.

All have unique features and complicated to compare to each other. That’s why we made a detailed review of all these models. All comparing includes price range flexibility and of course stabilization quality. You can use the stylish portable solar power bank for this particular cheap gimbal to improve battery life significantly.

Modern devices make an implement in our lives every day professional steady cams and gimbals become available to enthusiasts and mobile videomakers. The price range on budget smartphone stabilizers starts from 60$ and finishes at approximately 400$ sometimes manufactories make some sweet discounts. Zhiyun Crane and FeiyuTech, DJI is not a budget gimbal manufactory but they also providing holiday and event discounts.

All these models described before are proof that you can buy a cheap smartphone stabilizer or a cheap gimbal for a phone and get better quality than you have now without this device. So we advise you to pick one of these models and start creating awesome shots and stunning videos, good luck!

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