Today’s we will review the stylish cheap wireless earbuds. We’ll look at fashionable and affordable true wireless earbuds 2020. Out TOP10 rating includes all popular models with different designs and additional features based on price. If you have any ideas on how to improve our list we’d like to read about it in our comments section. Headphones from two unrelated couples become popular not so long time ago. Nevertheless, TWS – abbreviation from words “true wireless”, change the idea of ideal headphones in general. The lowlight and portable became revolutionary popular among the World. How to choose True Wireless Earbuds.

Unfortunately. in the case of young technology, we need the secrecy of something. Low battery life and the necessity to charge from the portable case which includes all models by default. But we should mention, that every year technology is developing and manufacturers increase sound quality and battery autonomy. Wire connection became an old-school trend and soon, all manufactories adapt to new standards of headphones production. Nowadays gadgets have not only revolutionary new features but also fashionable like most stylish fitness tracker.

Popular Apple-branded headphones including AirPods first or second-generation or the new AirPods Pro is the most desirable purchase for all those who like high quality and fashionable gadgets. But this purchase is not affordable for anyone and some people don’t like this company for some other reasons. Despite on desire to get this sweet gadget, in such a high price range, it’s not a reason to refuse all wireless headphones. Because nowadays on the market there are lots of other brands and manufactories providing affordable headphones with a much lower price range. So, if you have a small budget or smartphone running on Android you can find the stylish option that fits you perfectly.

So let’s look first at Stylish Wireless Earbuds 2020.

Contemporary wireless headphones models market grooving too fast. Every month new model releases and it’s only a start. It’s impossible to make an absolutely independent rating of trendy wireless headphones. many brands offer a different price range and quality products but not all of them decent quality and deserve attention.

The question is how to choose the stylish and cheap wireless earbuds from a variety of models and do not regret it. That’s why, we made a detailed review of the most popular wireless headphones in a budget category as an alternative to AirPods, From all various models we have chosen the only those which can be affordable for many customers with a small budget and sound quality and some extended functionality. This page contains all the stylish Wireless Earbuds we have ever reviewed. We tried to gather all decent models including specifications, sound quality, design, ergonomics, and convenience of use. For charging devices such as wireless headphones we recommend using the stylish solar power battery.

1. Apple AirPods Pro – Stylish Wireless Earbuds

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
Stylish Wireless Earbuds

Apple AirPods Pro in our opinion is the stylish choice of wireless headphones available on the market now. Headset with compact separated earbuds with very comfy silicone liners, helps you to dive into all diversity of sounds. Built-in Active Noise Canceling (ANC) technology produces immersive sound when playing music, by suppressing extraneous noise at any frequency.

The combined power consumption of the headsets and charging case will be enough for more than 24 hours of listening to audio. All mentioned before is only a sketchy review of all features of this device.

Pros Cons
Small size.
Active Noise Cancellation Technology (ANC).
Create immersive sound when playing.
Headset silicone pads provide a secure fit in the auricle.
Custom equalizer.
Powerful bass and clear bass/midrange.
Transparency mode.
Long working time on a single charge.
Controlling playback through headphone pressure sensors.
Wide-amplitude drivers built into the headset design.
Relatively expensive..
The type of headsets of this form factor will not be convenient for everyone.

2. Apple AirPods 2 Stylish Wireless Earbuds for iPhone

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
Stylish Wireless Earbuds for iPhone

And again Apple-branded product, in this case, Apple AirPods latest model. This option for those who cant afford AirPods Pro for the next reasons: it can be the financial side or they just don’t like headset type. The sound quality difference between the first and second AirPods generation is not significantly critical, both sound good. High-performance H1 processor and increased battery life, synchronous operation of optical sensors, and accelerometers for automatic sound control make AirPods 2 one of the stylish wireless headphones earbuds in their category.

Pros Cons
High fidelity sound.
Long battery life.
Auto Sound Control.
Compact Charging Case.
Stable connection, no breaks.
Dual optical sensors.
Quick charge.
It can be used as a mono headset.
No active noise reduction feature.
The absence of ear pads and pads increases the risk of headsets falling out.

3. Beats Powerbeats Pro: Stylish Apple AirPods alternative

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
Stylish Apple AirPods alternative

It’s one of the stylish sports TWS: short for True Wireless Stereo headphones available now on the market. High-quality sound, water-resistance, and convenient form factor for your ears in any type of activity. Minimalist design and ergonomics, low weight, and size allow active battery autonomy approximately up to 9 hours without additional charge. And as Beats had mentioned in their presentation up to 24 hours with a charging case.

The sound quality significantly more reach and interesting even compared to AirPods, very detailed and extended with low sound frequenciesю

Powerbeats Pro has a fast charging feature and improved Bluetooth connection protocol. This feature allows using earbuds simultaneously with all your Apple devices and does not lose a signal while you far from them.

Pros Cons
Better sound than the AirPods.
 The phone call quality is excellent.
Sweat and water resistance.
Epic battery life for the category.
Apple H1 chip is a workhorse for headphones.
Ambidextrous controls are amazing.
More expensive than AirPods.
Charges via Lightning and not USB-C.

4. Samsung Galaxy Buds Stylish Apple AirPods alternative for Android smartphones

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
Stylish Apple AirPods alternative for Android smartphones

Galaxy Buds: this is AirPods but for Android users. Let’s don’t forget that the Android market is also has a leader who can offer well-made products. Samsung Galaxy Buds have good connectivity with Apple devices but there are some restrictions that making these earbuds unreasonably to use.

They also fit for active people who go in sports; low weight, only 8 grams, very convenient, battery life for approximately 7 hours. Sound quality and soundproofing much better rather than AirPods first generation and of course low budget models from other companies.

As we have mentioned before, there are no available codecs in IOS devices that’s why sound quality not so good as on Android devices. Siri is not supported just only Google Assistant and Bixby. If you have an Android smartphone we highly recommend this earbud set.

Pros Cons
Really small and incredibly comfortable.
The silicone tips and wings in the box.
They sound much much better Airpods.
The case is almost as small as the Airpods.
Automatically connect when you open the case no need to authorize every time.
The battery life is good.
Not perfect, but very customizable.
Impossible to see the charging case battery %.

Cheap Wireless Earbuds if you have a small budget and demand good sound and decent quality.

Budget models can’t be called the main competitors of AirPods in case of not perfect connection and much simple software support. However, some of them have great preferences and unique features and you can save some funds. The modern market for cheap wireless earbuds can offer cheap and decent devices. It’s a middle layer between expensive and extremely cheapest.

Of course, such budget devices are not perfect but some models have innovative and unique features, all of them can pleasantly surprise their customers and the stylish of these models can really be compared with Apple or Samsung products. Let’s not forget about Sonу, JBL, and Sennheiser – good sound production brands for many years. These companies constantly release their new products every year. So while you are choosing what device to purchase they testing and providing innovative features.

What are the stylish wireless earbuds under $50-$100?

5. Xiaomi Redmi Airdots the stylish budget Wireless Earbuds

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
The stylish budget Wireless Earbuds

Xiaomi Redmi AirDots Wireless Headphones Bluetooth V5.0 True Wireless Stereo Wireless Earphones with Wireless Charging Case,12 Hours Battery Life (Redmi Airdots) Traditionally every TWS has released always comparing to Apples branded products.

Some companies make a special accent on it to catch customers’ attention and emphasize all the pros mainly of them is a price range. Is such a marketing strategy approach good or not it’s a very controversial question. Customers begin comparing and can define some distinctive of course if it exists.

Today’s TWS earbuds market is overcrowded and developing extremely fast and it’s a good trend because a customer has options to choose from.

AirDots, in this case, a typical product, smooth earbuds shapes, minimalistic design. Neutral white color and plastic with light soft-touch effect. Unfortunately for case charging companies providing a micro USB output nowadays all the latest smartphones switching on Type-C.

The sound quality of AirDots is really good, and for such a budget price, it’s a good offer. Music quality is good and several days of using ears can adapt for sound and form factor.

Pros Cons
The Bluetooth version here is 5.0, and this is cool since most manufacturers can not step beyond 4.2. Supported Protocols: HFF / A2DP / HSP / AVRCP.
The battery capacity of each earphone is 40 mAh.
The battery capacity of the case is 300 mAh.
Operating time when playing music in stereo – 4 hours.
When working in mono mode – 5 hours.
No USB Type-C.
Sometimes connection problems.
Earbuds are not loud.

6. SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds stylish cheap wireless earbuds for running

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
True Wireless Earbuds stylish cheap wireless earbuds for running

SoundPEATS is a famous china company, providing portable electronics, and it seems to challenge by other companies in the cheap audio electronics category. The main peculiarity of SoundPEATS is that this company ready for experiments with its cheap and innovative devices.

This is a brand new company and now they collecting positive 5-star feedback from customers all over the internet. Each new model, it seems, represents all mistakes that have been fixed and rethought.

SoundPEATS Q32 is the latest model in the cheap wireless earbuds category. Especially when you discover an impressive kit of features for a reasonable price you can change your expectations from Bluetooth portable headphones.

There is a charger case with a battery capacity of 2600 mAh for SoundPEATS Q32 in the kit. It can produce up to 30 full charges of headphones. Every charge is capable of up to 3 hours of work it means if we calculate total battery autonomy time we can get approximately 60 hours.

SoundPEATS Q32 uses a professional kit of chips enhanced with of latest Bluetooth 5.0 version for a perfect, speedy data sound quality. This version able to transfer huge data packages from your smartphone to headsets with low battery usage.

Call functionality, Soundpeats Q32, support many call features, that become a standard for Bluetooth earbuds. If you receive a call tap once to accept a call, respond, and tap once again to finish the call. To decline a call just hold the button.

Microphone quality is also very good, it’s quite good isolation from the outside ambiance and keeps my voice clean and recognizable. This microphone is not loud but it’s not critical if you need to answer the call once you’ll be running or making other activities.

Headphones providing charging the case as we have mentioned before, it is not only a doc station but also a portable case for carrying. You can charge it with a Micro USB и 5V current power cable. It can be charged from a laptop or solar power bank, smart tv, smartphone adapter, or any other type of battery charging resource with 5V current power. It takes around 3 hours for a full charge. Charge your headphones at least once every 3 months if they are not used for a long time. When the battery is low every 3 minutes you will hear the voice message “Battery Low”. Please charge your earphones soon.

Pros Cons
Affordable price.
Good sound quality.
Bluetooth 5.0.
Connectivity problems.
Poor material quality.

7. ENACFIRE Future Wireless cheap wireless earbuds with good bass

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
Wireless cheap wireless earbuds with good bass

ENACFIRE main purpose to provide people with stylish wireless audio products and create a completely wireless lifestyle philosophy. Wireless lifestyle is a trendy and highly developing direction for many other companies and brands. The main headline of this company is a simple offer and simple way of life – True Wireless Audio Experience.

A decent wireless experience that’s what you can get from this company using their products. These earbuds are convenient in use and change the way you used to listen to all your audio or other media content such as podcasts, playlists, online radio stream services, etc. Impressive sound quality for a low price makes ENACEIRE a perfect choice.

Due to innovative noise reduction technology new ENACFIRE earbuds can produce clean audio even in very noisy ambiance, such as underground or other loud public places. Supermassive bass frequencies allow you to isolate yourself from everything around you.

Comfortable soft material perfectly fits your ears without any additional adjusting. You can wear these earbuds all day long and be confident nothing bothers you. A portable mini charging case keeps your batteries up to 20 hours with small breaks for charging time.

You can charge your headset fully up to 4 times from these charging cases. It’s approximately 14 hours of additional battery life and perfectly fits for daily use.

Take these earbuds while running or making other activities and you will be always motivated and positive with your favorite music. Perfect smooth and stable connection with supported gadgets.

ENACFIRE Future Cheap True Wireless Earbuds have an amazing stable signal up to 33-66 feet. It doesn’t matter where are you are using its office or at home, don’t worry regarding any losing signal issues. this is a simple and reliable connection you have been looking for.

IPX5 WATERPROOF PERFORMANCE means that you are able to take these earbuds with you in the gym or near the swimming pool or while running.

Pros Cons
Good volume, sound and keeps noise out.
The sounds are good and they are fairly comfortable to wear.
The design is sleek
These fit ears perfectly
Very easy to use.
The connection with your phone can be problematic in some cases.
Not long battery time.

8. TOZO T10 stylish cheap wireless earbuds for iPhone

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
Stylish cheap wireless earbuds for iPhone

Are you looking for a pair of earbuds that look like a feature nanotechnological gadget? TOZO T10 will definitely live up to all expectations. There are only two color options, black and white, and support the latest version of Bluetooth 5.0.

In the case of sound quality, TOZO T10 has a decent and clean audio performance. Earbuds have 8-mm loudspeakers. You even can charge it while running or walking somewhere with a portable charging case. This feature allows you always to be in touch with your favorite music or audiobooks.

You can use earbuds while making some activities or sports, just because its enhanced with waterproof features. Battery life from one full charge approximately 4 hours but in standby mode up to 9 hours. If your power bank support QI Wireless Charger, you can use it for earbuds case also.

Ergonomic design, TOZO T10 providing very comfy and stylish silicone cup covers and gel if you’ll have problems for the first time of use.

The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology for fast data streaming into your headset from the smartphone. Supporting HSP, HFP, A2DP, AVRCP audio protocols, and clean stereo sound while making calls.

Large 8-mm speakers with deep bass and low-frequency audio. A natural and saturated sound that can be adjusted additionally on your smartphone with an equalizer.

Waterproof and dust resistance IPX8 ability not only in earbuds but in charging case also. IPX8 Effectively protects from sweet and water, perfectly fit for active people, you can run or ride a bicycle in rainy weather.

Connection in one step, take two earbuds from the charging case and they instantly connect to each other. The next step is setting the device on your smartphone. Choose in Bluetooth device list TOZO-T10-R for pairing the headphones.

Charging case support Qi Wireless Charging feature. This type of case is not providing in a kit, so you should buy it additionally, but it offers you a more convenient way of charging and spare you from wire cables.

Pros Cons
Support latest Bluetooth 5.0.
Supports HFP, HDP, A2DP & AVRCP.
IPX8 certified water & sweat resistant.
Shows the battery indicator on your device
Good for its price
2 attached microphones.
Very simple and easy connection, the installation process.
Poor battery life.
No equalizer software of its own.

9. Kissral Earbuds stylish sounding cheap wireless earbuds

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
Stylish sounding cheap wireless earbuds

Wireless sports earbuds from Kissral company basically intended with all music or video gadgets. The main feature of this headset is a multifunctional button.

If you are looking for perfect earbuds with good sound quality for daily use and for reasonable price wireless Kissral earbuds can be your choice. They are well known in a budget competitive category on the market among other brands.

Earbuds are simply in use and provide all preferences and features as more expensive brands and you don’t need to manage wire issues inherent in all previous generation headphones with a 3.5-mm jack.

They are popular because of good materials quality and impressive sound quality comparable with all other earbuds in the higher price category.

It the simple to use and providing all other features that have a wired headset but in the case of Kissral, you don’t need to use a wire cable.

Wireless headphones have one big button you can control and switch on/off the earbuds. You also can stop and continue playing music as well.

Kissral has a good sound quality with an increased low sequences range. And has a low weight that adds an additional convenient feeling while you on sports or other activities. The earbuds construction made for any type of ear and if in some cases it will be not fit you, there are lots of earbud’s cups available in a kit so you can choose what perfectly fits you.

All wireless connections providing by Bluetooth V4.1. Support all HSP/HFP/A2DP/AVRCP modes and codecs. Power charging voltage is a 5V and rattery total capacity: 60mAH. It’s approximately 8 hours of work.

It doesn’t matter which platform your smartphone belongs to IOS or Android, This device has perfect and simple connectivity with both of them. Micro USB charging output is hidden inside the device’s case

Pros Cons
It is affordable, tiny, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and fits any size or shape of ears. He holds well and does not fall off.
The device works well with Android and iOS devices.
It has an extensive battery that can last up to six hours in music mode, eight hours in talk mode, and up to 120 hours in standby time, given its size.
It has one huge handle, which is very easy to operate.
It has a high-quality voice and sound and has CVC 6.0 noise reduction.
It has an iOS battery display function.
The volume is adjusted on the phone instead of the headphones, which no longer needs to remember whether to press once or twice for different commands.
Big battery capacity.
Low price
has only one insert and cannot use two inserts at a time.
not waterproof.
It is so small that it is hard to find if you drop it.
This can be detrimental to health as they are worn in the ear and they block the ear canals of people wearing them.

10. CC Comeproof True Wireless Earbuds stylish cheap wireless earbuds for working out

Cheap Wireless Earbuds: Stylish True Wireless Headphones
True Wireless Earbuds stylish cheap wireless earbuds for working out

CC Comeproof released in a portable and compact case. The design of “True Wireless” proves that you can use earbuds independently. A headset is comfortable to use and wear in any weather because of the earbud’s design, repeating ear shape. For more reliable fixation you’ll find two pairs of earbud cups.

True Wireless uses big speakers 7.2 mm for balanced sound quality. Due to the sound sequence range from 20-20000 GHz. The connection provided by Bluetooth 5.0. Battery time approximately 4 hours of constant music playing. You can charge a device from a case that’s included in a kit.

There is a microphone that turns these earbuds into a Bluetooth headset.

Pros Cons
The case is strong and sleek.
It has top-notch sound quality.
The battery life is great.
The overall sound quality is good.
They are comfortable earbuds.
It has nice bass and is packaged well.
The Bluetooth connection was good.
Different types of settings.
Bluetooth has a great range.
The case acts as an external charger for the phone
The design is comfortable and secure in the ears
The sound on calls is slightly muffled.
 The earbuds have a click feature that is hard to press


Modern true wireless earbuds market is developing rapidly, many smartphone companies refuse from 3.5-mm jack input on their devices. Many active people especially professional sportsmen like this solution. Wire cables were always a problem for some of them.

Modern Bluetooth headset’s sound quality is impressive, clean, and saturated audio. Almost all models have separate processors that make some quality improvements and measure sequences to archive a balance.

In this Top 10 stylish cheap wireless earbuds rating, we review the most desirable products on the market for any budget. Some of them don’t have any additional features. It’s up to you sometimes you don’t need to pay for additional features. A few models better fit for people who are going sports. We have checked not only a customer’s opinion but also our own experience due to price range and product quality.

There are lots of cheap wireless earbuds available on the market they can be significantly different between each other based on specifications and features, company brand name, etc.

Some people attune on low budget price range and in this category there are lots of decent products but some of them are not so reliable. Someone looking with good noise reduction ability so you can listen to those who call even in the underground or other noisy places. Swimmers like models with waterproof protection. That’s why we take the stylish products in their categories for swimmers, runners, music addicted people, office workers. Choose the stylish for yourself.

If you are looking for wireless earbuds or a headset, you must be confident that a particular model would not have any connectivity problems that cause all devices around. Wire cable headset occasionally doesn’t have such connectivity problems and some models still can provide the stylish music quality comparing due to the stylish cheap wireless earbuds. Wireless headset has big loudspeakers and processors to achieve stylish audio quality.

Some models have unique features which impossible to find in wire models. Bluetooth headphones provide the obvious advantage of wireless convenience. Therefore, the modern market will provide stylish products each year and they are the stylish choice for you, as they can withstand daily wear and don’t stay out of our budget and offer impressive features.

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