Are fitness trackers accurate?

It depends on which model are you using and what exactly activities you want to track. Because these gadgets track everything starting from burned calories and finishing step counts using one or several types of sensors. Regarding recent researches published by Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise was told that calories burning data from fitness trackers have differences with the real one approximately on 10-15% mistakenly and it’s not so critically bad. Scientists asked 30 men and 30 women spend physical training exercises for 70 minutes. The training cycle included 13 different types of physical activity, from typing on the laptop, playing tennis, running, and even group team basketball matches also were included in test training cycle. After the training course, all information from 8 different fitness trackers was collected and compared with data from portable metabolic analysis stations which is a much more reliable and accurate device for such kind of researches comparing to trackers. many people thinking about which wireless earbuds to buy

Fitness trackers could be inaccurate in case of burned calories, but their results repeat. If you do the same exercises two days in a row your tracker’s statistics must be equally the same. It means you can easily use a tracker for monitoring progress in your physical exercises. For example: did you spend more calories yesterday or today? How many steps did you walk? This data results you can trust. Most stylish fitness tracker.

Do fitness bands measure blood pressure?

One of the most important things for those who do sports professionally becomes accurate heart rate per minute and blood pressure measuring. A significantly increased level of these indicators would be a signal to stop training or to slow a temp of it. Of course, you can do it based on your own feelings, but sometimes it’s not objective and better to trust contemporary gadgets that can signal in time for overwork.

Built-in monitor tracks heart rate and tonometer measure blood pressure. Almost all contemporary fitness tracker models have a heart rate monitor. All collected data are constantly sending to your connected smartphone. You can see the difference and dynamics of all your activities in a special application installed on your phone. Based on all information you can adjust the training program or daily lifestyle. The same situation with a tonometer, but models that can provide this option is quite rare and much more expensive.

In conclusion, we can say that some fitness trackers can measure blood pressure, and heart rate but you don’t should trust 100% this gadget because arterial pressure must be measured when you rest, and need to use special medical devices for this purpose. But fitness tracker is not created for absolutely accurate measuring its main purpose to show how does your blood pressure change due to physical activities and the hardness of training, emotional, and other stressful situations. Continuous monitoring allows you to track the dynamics and make certain conclusions it means you can start improving your health care and bring it to the next level all other body researchers are on-demand professional doctors if it’s necessary.

Are fitness trackers useful?

Fashion in electronic gadgets industry doesn’t avoid such big life part of humanity as a sport. Many people want to be healthy and lose some extra grams using fitness trackers and smartwatches with pleasure. What’s the real value of these devices and how they help to improve training results? Do you need a fitness tracker or it’s just one more fashionable accessory.

The first answer to the question: “Why do you need a fitness tracker?” will be that such kinds of devices help you to know more about your own body and its particularity. It’s impossible to count all your daily spend calories on exercises, the road from home to work and back, but fitness tracker can do this with almost 100% accuracy. When you think you lost too much energy and going to eat something high in calories devise considers the actual amount of energy expended and does not advise filling it with chocolate.

The main features of a fitness tracker why people want to buy it:
sleep activity tracking; smart alarm clock; daily meal monitoring; calculating the balance of calories and nutritional value of the diet; counting the distance walked; setting goals and taking achievements; control of pills and medicines; water balance reminder.

That’s why fitness tracker is so useful tool for achieving better sports results and can motivate people to keep a more healthy way of living. Just for one of this merit, it can be classified as necessary for a contemporary person. Do you need a much expensive gadget or you can be enough with features that provide budget trackers? It’s only your choice. Many smartphones have lots of applications that can offer some fitness tracker features, but it’s only theoretically.

Do fitness trackers work?

Sport fitness trackers count calories with an accelerometer it recognizes speed temp and many other types of movement. Some models supplemented by a gyroscope for more accurate tracking. Accelerometer sends received data to a microprocessor after that its processes all information. The sensor determines if it is a waving hand or you are walking at that moment. Some fitness trackers can distinguish between walking and running activities.

A smart fitness tracker with gyroscope main principle of work is the microprocessor has a mostly full 3D picture of hand moving. It can help to recognize walking with high percent of accuracy. Pulsometer is one more occasional sensor mostly build-in all contemporary models. It works with the help of two electrodes they measure skin potentials differences and send impulses to the microprocessor.

As a core of many fitness trackers will be an accelerometer, gyroscope, pulsometer, and many other sensors to count and gather all statistics from your body. All manufacturers trying to support their users with software updates and special phone applications. You can download all the necessary software on the official website of your gadget.

How does your fitness tracker know when you’re asleep?

One of the most amazing features of a fitness tracker is to determine sleep phases. With the help of algorithms and special recording sensors, the gadget can distinguish phases of deep and active sleep. Active phase, we make more noise and the device can identify it.

In addition to the sound reaction, the fitness tracker has a built-in pulsometer and accelerometer. Sensors of the first type responsible for heart rate and pulse sensors another type is responsible for even the smallest shake and movements. Pulsometers can determine when we change sleeping phases thru the increasing heart rate.

This gadget’s ability allows calculating the optimal time to wake up the person in the most relevant phase. Tracker based on data and chooses the stylish moment when the body is ready to wake up. If you need to get up at a particular time you can set a time range, approximately 30 min during this time gadget will find a stylish sleeping phase.

Separate sensors recording information about snoring and speaking during sleep its also implement on quality of sleep. Contemporary gadgets can track even manifestations of sleepwalking.

A fitness tracker is not a medical treatment but it’s a necessary gadget in researching snoring, sleepwalking, and weak sleep. If you have some of these problems, the gadget will find it out with high percent accuracy.

For the sleep tracking option, every fitness bracelet has a special sensor of position. All information about sleep quality you can see in a special application that the manufacturer provides as part of a support with a gadget.

Do fitness trackers help you lose weight?

Wearable gadgets are a very powerful tool for weight loss but they do not have any sense if you don’t know how to use them properly. Should remember that fitness tracker is not a wizard wand that with help of magick dismiss extra pounds. You must work hard but with the help of tracker all your results will be much better, faster and training process smooth and easy.

All types of activities help our body better sugar absorption. If you live a sedentary lifestyle your body absorbs sugar less properly, and the pancreas has to produce more and more insulin. As a result, people get diabetes.

To avoid such bad consequences is possible just to control the daily steps you have walked. According to researches, 10 000 steps walk every day is possible to decrease the chance to get health problems in 3 times. But 10 000 steps is for the perfect plan so don’t disappoint if you cant achieve ideal results in the first days. Even 5000 steps significantly increase sensitivity for insulin, restore metabolism and the body’s ability to cope with carbohydrates. And of course, a constantly and well-planned training program helps to dismiss extra pounds not only of physical training just because of normalizing metabolism.

No magic happens and without proper hard work to lose weight is impossible. Hard but balanced training program mixed with 8-10000 steps every day is the most optimal decision. Training, in which you put a different amount of effort, an order of magnitude more efficient. Thus, jogging with the alternating pace of running will better affect your body than running at the same pace. Interval training allows you to achieve better results in a short period of time – fitness trainers say that 15-20 minutes of interval training is better than 1 hour of exercise at one pace.

Which arm should you wear an activity tracker on?

All new users think that indicators of pulse burned calories and walked steps do not depend on the device’s hand position but actually, it’s not true. Need to understand how to wear a fitness tracker correctly for its more accurate work. And besides keeping this advice of wearing will help do not lose a gadget from your hand.

First of all, you should choose a hand where a tracker will be. left-handed people should wear it on the right hand and right-hand people respectively on the left one. This decision considering a good one because nothing will disturb you to work with the main hand. Deciding on this you should know a few rules. A band with a capsule must fit snugly to the wrist. This needs to maximal gadget’s gathering information accuracy. No need to swipe hand it can spoil all results gathered by gadgets before. The tracker must be removed from your wrist sometimes because your wrist needs to rest and you should remove a sweat that occurs under the band.

Wearing a watch and a fitness tracker?

Yes, it’s possible to wear a watch and a fitness tracker together, but you should know that fitness tracker must be under the watch it helps to track pulse more accurately.

Someone replace their old watches with a new gadget another one is trying to use simultaneously a watch and a fitness tracker. It’s quite convenient for example, when you are running you can see a time and burning calories at the same time, and you don’t need to push any buttons. For those who own expensive quartz material or mechanical watches and don’t want to leave it they also interesting in wearing a watch and a fitness tracker together. Most people wear a fitness tracker on the right hand no matter from the main hand and watch traditionally on the left hand. But it’s only a temporary type of wearing for example for training time, and remove fitness tracker after training is over. Some people wear a gadget and a watch by turns. Experienced users recommend to freshman use a watch, and a fitness tracker depends on their own feelings no matter what other people say.

How Safe Are Fitness Trackers to wear all the time?

Fitness trackers are absolutely safe, nothing dangerous, and unsafe found in case of wearing and using it. Gadgets are tracking your health condition during day and night time. Bands are created from hypoallergenic silicone that’s why you can use them even when you sleep. The main function of fitness tracker is continuous body monitoring.

It counts calories, sleeping hours, and its quality, heart rate, pulse beats. For someone, a question of a safety fitness tracker can be so funny as a question about safety to visit a doctor.

But still, need to know the principle of this gadget work before you wear it. Most technological distrust was provoked by last researches according to cancer caused by mobile telephones wearing near internal organs. Occasionally, you can wear a fitness tracker for about 12 hours that’s why many people have a doubt about the safety of these gadgets.

However, according to Ph.D. and Executive Director of the National Youth Institute for Sport, Health, and Safety Michael Bergeron says that fitness tracker is possible to compare with the nurse, which measures your heart rate in the clinic. “As long as the sensor has solid contact with the point of pulsation of the radial artery, it will absolutely correctly display the heart rate at rest.”

How tight should a fitness tracker be?

Before choosing an activity tracker first of all needs to measure a hand bone and compare it with the size of the gadget. For optimal good looking, you should pay attention to capsule size. It shouldn’t be wider than hand bone another way your hand will look very thin. If your hand bone wide you should not buy a small fitness tracker it will look ridiculous.

As well as you learn how to wear a fitness tracker properly you will have comfort from using a gadget. Steel band must fit free on your hand, however, the capsule should not hang down and hang out. A bracelet or strap made of leather should sit tightly on the arm, but not too tight so as not to pinch the hand. You can check if you picked up the leather strap properly between the hand bone and the gadget there should be a space into you can put your little finger.

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