For the last years, choose wireless earbuds to become impressively popular, thanks to Apple company and their successful device AirPods. Nowadays, many companies keep that trendy way for their own products and even those companies who had never been provided audio gadgets before. Some companies trying to emphasize in that or another way their version of AirPods.

How to buy the Stylish Wireless Earbuds in 2019

First, you need to define wireless earbuds as cheap but good and how often will you be using headphones and for hat purposes. If you are a sportsman then you should pay attention to dust and water protection. If you’ll use it as a headset for calls then choose one with better microphone quality, noise reduction, etc.

For many customers, it can be difficult to choose Wireless Earbuds because they focus only on price. You should keep in mind that each popular brand’s patient and develops new innovative technology every year, and sometimes it’s not profitable at all. There are some characteristics based on them, you can make a choice.

1. Choose wireless earbuds’ frequency range – from 10 to 20,000 Hz;
2. Sensitivity – from 80 to 120 dB;
3. Signal – from 8 to 10 meters without loss of quality;
4. Battery life – from 3 hours.

All issues regarding convenience and portability, earbud cap’s size it’s all individually and we advise to test before making a purchase in-store or if you are going to buy at the online market place then you should read all verified reviews from customers.

Data transfer technology, ability to support protocols, and connectivity with all other devices. That’s why this feature is on high priority before you’ll buy a gadget.

What are wireless earbuds?

There is three main technology through which wireless headphones get a signal and send it back. A radio signal, Bluetooth, and infrared port. The last one is not popular nowadays in the case of old technology that’s why only two are used by many companies.

Radio signal headset made for workers that require constant voice communication ability. The receiver connected with a headset with is not comfy to move so it’s a more like hot radio spot. It’s not a portable solution and discharged much faster than Bluetooth headset.

But a signal radius twice bigger comparing to Bluetooth technology and it’s important on some manufactories, huge office buildings, truck stations, etc. You can walk far from your computer with a radio headset and don’t worry signal lost. A maximum distance is mentioned in the technical specification of each model.

What is TWS Bluetooth earphone?

Term TWS or True Wireless Stereo belongs to technology that connects two separate earbuds and transfers signal in both simultaneously. You can send channel L or channel R in two ways, separate or together.

Bluetooth technology is an optimal choice, especially in modern, fast-developing lifestyles because of portability. Bluetooth headset spends battery much less and able to receive calls without any additional accessories comparing to radio one. All smartphones and other electronic gadgets enhanced by Bluetooth modules.

Bluetooth is not only regarding smartphones but also all portable and static home electronics. PC, laptops, tablets, SmartTV, audio station.

If some devices missing the Bluetooth module it can be bought as an additional separate module device. After that device can be used as transmitter music or video on your headset.

How do I choose headphones?

Before choosing Bluetooth earbuds you should pay attention to the version of it. The latest version provides less power consuming and higher data transfer speed that makes music quality much better and clear. The latest available version of Bluetooth is 5.0 but we should mention that if you want to use all the potential of this technology your gadgets require the same latest version.

If two gadgets connected with each other they will use the elder version of Bluetooth obviously. That’s why it’s up to you if your smartphone is not supported Bluetooth 5.0 than it’s no sense to pay more money for a headset.

For those who prefer music features, you should pay attention to aptX codec. With all other specifications, headsets with this particular feature can provide much better music quality. The difference will be at a price. The same criteria can be defined when you are wondering how to choose a fitness tracker as well.

What is the difference between Bluetooth and wireless earbuds?

Wireless earbuds can be connected with a cable between each other. Some of them can be connected to other devices with 3,5 mm jack it can reduce battery.

There are actually two types of headphones that can be divided into internal and external. The first type called earbuds, and it fits deep into your ears. They are usually lightweight and convenient in use, and occasionally they provide good sound quality but not the stylish of the cheapest one. Battery time is also low because of the earbud size.

The external headset kit is much bigger and heavy, it wears over the ears and fixed on the head with a hoop. They less portable and convenient for some people but instead of this they have higher battery capacity and sounds better.

Loud external noise can spoil all impressions from favorite songs or disturb some important phone conversation. To avoid such inconvenience pay attention to models with high noise reduction features. The external type of headphones better reduces all ambiance noise from outside because of ear full coverage.

Some advanced and of course expensive models protects from any noise not only because of the earbud’s construction but also with special software and hardware feature. There are some headphones with active noise reduction technology. They catch any ambiance sounds through a microphone and automatically block noise when it’s necessary. But this technology spends much of battery life.

To prevent headphones’ discharging before purchase pay attention to battery capacity and active working time. Almost every company mention approximately time in technical specifications, occasionally it’s some hours that the device can work without additional charging, check and read every time this.

How long do wireless earbuds last?

Conclusively, the cheap and longest time from the battery will be in an external headset with the latest Bluetooth version. It can be approximately up to 20-22 working hours without any additional charge.

The microphone feature is also important if you are going to use it as a speaker device with your smartphone or laptop. The microphone is usually built-in and doesn’t spoil the design and ergonomics of the device.

The sensitivity of headphones can be considered their volume. For some people, it can be critical that’s why some people choose headphones’ sensitivity from 100 dB. Listen to music loudly can hurt your health,

The frequency range is a range of sound sequences that headphones can produce. The human ear can recognize voices in a range from 20 — 20 000 GHz. Choose earbuds that match this range and you’ll be enjoying all available sounds your ears can recognize.

Choose wireless earbuds with resistance influences on general volume and quality of sound. For all significant smartphones, there is a headphone with impedance 15–30 Om. For all home sound systems, it’s better to choose higher impedance.

Before purchase, pay attention to some specifications.

  1. Choose earbuds with Bluetooth feature the latest model increases the device’s price and reduces battery life. But if you are looking headset for home use then use a radio headset.
  2. To make the device’s battery life longer without recharging, choose the latest Bluetooth version and external headphones type.
  3. If you want to make calls with your headphones choose a model with a built-in microphone.
  4. If you are not restricted by a budget choose headphones with active noise reduction feature to prevent any extraneous noise from outside.
  5. Choose wireless earbuds with sequence 20-20 000 GHz sensitivity from 100 dB and resistance 15-30 Om. These specifications for portable audio devices, for all other types of audio systems technical parameters can be higher.

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