Beautiful fitness trackers of different colors and shapes are not only useful gadgets helping to track your daily or weekly activity, but also a stylish accessory that improves your image. Many stars of showbiz, actors, and other celebrities of all over the World find these devices indispensable and use it with a big pleasure. Ryan Reynolds, Britney Spears, Stephen Colbert are only a few famous people that prefer a stylish and healthy trend. How to choose most stylish fitness tracker.

Nowadays fashionable fitness tracker is not only a sports gadget, and also a very stylish accessory for fashionable people. Bright fitness bracelets on the man or woman’s wrist are showing that its owners are fashionable, creative, and like to monitor their health.

Stylish Fashionable fitness Tracker 2020

We should notice that to create an absolutely independent, and objective rating list of stylish fitness trackers is impossible because the variety of trackers is so huge and different for comparing. That’s why our top Stylish buy list of trackers was created not of the price or a brand’s name we made it just because we think it’s the most fashionable and convenient gadgets in our opinion.

Fitness tracker is a very useful and fashionable thing. It’s a personal trainer, nutritionist, and also a sport social network with like-minded people for powerful motivation, it’s an alarm clock that is unlikely to fly into the wall when will trying to wake you up. Most of all fitness tracker is a fashionable accessory that helps you to know more about health. Many people don’t like to wear accessories in the gym except for fitness trackers. It’s not only a high technology gadget and also a stylish thing that complements your style. You want to get up, and start running or doing some other sports and activities, but sometimes your wishes crush of not enough self-motivation.

Motivation is not a good helper in the sport because it’s not constantly and often disappears when your favorite TV show’s new season releases, but fitness trackers can motivate you all the time. There are several examples of how fitness trackers can motivate you not worse than a personal trainer. First of all, users can use a phone application where you will see all the beautiful diagrams, and reward icons that you can achieve while doing your daily or weekly activities. The tracker will send you to push messages or vibration signals several times a day. One more motivation reason is that some of the fitness trackers are very expensive to use only for sleep tracking. Nowadays on the market, lots of brands selling multifarious fitness trackers and you can find the stylish for yourself. If you are an active person you’ll also be interested in stylish true wireless earbuds cheap options available on the market.

There is a list of the most stylish fitness trackers that we advise you to choose.

1. Polar A370 – stylish fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Stylish fitness tracker with heart rate monitor

Finnish company Polar is famous for its high-technology pulse counters and other smart gadgets with GPS-tracking. Polar A370 one of the most stylish Fitness Tracker with 24/7 wrist-based heart rate monitor is a multifunctional smart device that appropriates for everyone, and you can use it all day long without any inconvenience. A370 has exactly the same design as the previous model A360, but the hardware of a new model is impressive. However, the new most stylish fitness tracker was updated with a bracelet that looks more elegant. A manufacturer has improved functionality of the new model and even tried to make a much more powerful device that looks like a fitness tracker but can use some smartwatch features. So let’s find out if the new Polar A370 is exactly what you are looking for?

THE New A370 device design is absolutely the same as A360 as we have mentioned before. The gadget looks strict and minimalistic. It looks fashionable with a sports uniform or a classic suit. A370 is quite a common fitness tracker with a big display. The significant difference between the current model and the previous one is only in better accuracy and updated hardware. The new A370 is not ideal and has some limitations, it concerns of battery life and missing some additional features. Bracelet is setting on its length and replacing so easy like on many other fitness trackers. The company can offer six different colors and two sizes one of them for a small wrist. Gadget size is 23.5 × 13.5 mm.

Continuous heart rate tracking is the most powerful feature of the new A370. The tracker measures pulse, heart rate day and night constantly. The pulse sensor is optical and consists of two parts (2 sensors) located on the tracker’s internal part to measure the pulse on the wrist. The device shows a low and high pulse rate, analyzing heart rate changes during the day. In an updated version of the tracker, you can monitor not only physical activities but also a stress level during the day. This update is a huge step in analyzing health conditions much better then the previous model does.

According to the received data, Pilar will advise a more quality level of training, and based on this advice you can achieve better goals. A370 the first most stylish fitness tracker that can transmit the pulse from the wrist to other sports applications.

Pros Cons
Work well as a sleep tracker
A large screen is easy to use
Durable band
Decent battery life
Many different sports features
USB port cover can fall off easily
Syncing is very slow

2. Motiv Ring – fashionable and most stylish fitness tracker

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Fashionable and most stylish fitness tracker

Motiv Ring is a smart device that looks like a wide metal ring with many sensors. The gadget can analyze a user’s physiological statistic and to track a heart rate. There are rumors that Motiv engineers are planning to add an additional sensor in the next ring model that will determine a sleep quality and some new helpful features also.

The manufacturer provides a gadget with two colors, grey and rose gold. It is a beautiful fitness tracker jewelry device. The Ring is very lightweight you can wear it everywhere, and have a great stylish look. Motiv Ring has only an 8 mm wide, but it has all features like other fitness trackers such as counting calories, heart rate, and steps that you have made during the day. The ring has a built-in accelerometer, and an optical heart rate monitor to track all your activity and send all results to your smartphone.

You may not be afraid of swimming with this device because it has a waterproof defense. The Motiv battery works for 3 days without additional charging. The black indicator on the device’s sideshows battery life. You can charge it in 90 mins to full.

Motiv Ring is supported by IOS and Android devices. You need to install an appropriate application and synchronize it with your gadget.

Pros Cons
Quality and Design
Impressive battery life
Great support
Compatibility with various smartphones
Compact design
No display

3. Bellabeat Leaf most stylish fitness tracker

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Most stylish fitness tracker

When it was announced that Bellabeat plans to launch a fitness jewelry tracker for girls, the jewelry smart gadget market has not been so overcrowded. Wearable gadgets were not aiming to be fashion and stylish as on nowadays.

The gadget is oriented for women of any age especially for those who are planning to become a mother. You can track all your sports and physical activities, sleeping phases, stress levels, calorie consumption. Bellabeat Leaf reminds you of the necessity of physical activity through a slight vibration signal. It tracks all your sleeping phases and records all information data into the application which you can look through, and rate the quality of sleeping results. The device can affectionately wake you up in an appropriate phase. If your stress level will be increasing the gadget will advise helpful breathing exercises that return your health to normal. You can track the menstrual cycle and a fertility calendar also.

Choosing Bellabeat Leaf Nature Smart Jewelry Health Tracker you get an ideal gadget that helps to track your main activities. It looks stylish and fashionable not as a usual fitness tracker more like a jewelry ring that you can wear everywhere like a bracelet, brooch, or a pendant. Bellabeat Leaf works with IOS and Android applications perfectly. The period calculation works on mathematical functions, but It needs to add some manual information by the user. The application approximately calculates the menstrual cycle depends on your inputted data.

Bellabeat Leaf is really accurate and beautiful fitness tracker jewelry bracelet that has many useful additional functions, however, nowadays it is competitive with products from other companies. If you are looking for a stylish brooch with tracker features it might be Lumo Lift. Breathing exercises, measuring the pulse, blood pressure, and analyzes the nervous system it’s all about a stylish tracker Phyode W/Me

Pros Cons
Very attractive looks like jewelry
 The battery lasts 6 months
Menstrual cycle tracking
Not waterproof but water-resistant (Rating IPX6)
No heart rate monitoring
No digital display

4. Fitbit Alta HR Stylish Fashionable Fitness Tracker

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Stylish Fashionable Fitness Tracker

New Fitbit Alta HR is an improved version of the previous fitness tracker Fitbit Alta that was released a year ago. It has an attractive slim design and technology for continuous heart rate (pulse) tracking.

In this review, we show all the negative and positive sides of a new Fitbit Alta HR comparing to the previous model.

If you have already known the old Fitbit Alta tracker you won’t be surprised about a new model. The device design is almost the same as in previous, but a bit more elegant. It is thinner then Fitbit Charge 2, but still not as slim as Fitbit Flex 2.

Fitbit Alta has a big display on the center of the device and can easily be removed from the bracelet by the retractable way, unlike its predecessor because of pins connections. It also has a metal buckle that means a more reliable mount. Wrist strap was made from a flexible material and also includes in the kit. The new gadget looks fashionable and stylish like other fitness trackers at the same price category. There are a lot of discontent people about the device’s band in the previous version, but now it’s all in the past all mistakes were solved and fixed.

If you don’t like the standard bracelet you can choose any other depending on your personal preferences. There are lots of wristbands on the market available for new Fitbit Alta HR. Many companies provide lots of options from leather or steel with different colors. Fitbit gives an opportunity to wear their product on any event or place to go for example to a gym, nightclub party, or work office it doesn’t matter.

Considering the gadget’s problem with steps counting you can manually set some information details these manipulations can help tracker to work more precisely. Particularly, you can measure so-called «stride length» (the distance between two consistently steps of the same leg) and save this information in settings.

The company emphasizes that Fitbit Alta HR is protected from the water splashes and rain, but you can’t swim with it. You should be cautious while washing the dishes or your hands. Before taking a shower and bath you must take off your tracker otherwise it can be broken.

Some people are completely not satisfied with constant reminders about movement activities especially if tracker makes it on weekends or in the cinema. The good news that settings are easy to change as you like. You can set time periods when it would be better to receive advice from the gadget or just turn off this feature.

Pros Cons
Good sleep tracking features
Continuous heart-rate tracking
Compact design
Not waterproof.

5. Pebble Time Round stylish fitness tracker watch

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Stylish fitness tracker watch

Talented engineers from Pebble company rounded their smartwatches called “Time” and presented a small and thin “Pebble Time Round”.

Only one indisputable truth about nowadays consumer electronics that it’s always not enough battery life. Instead of solving this issue, many companies are aspiring to release thinner and lightweight devices sacrificing battery life justifying a more fashionable look.

In previous generations of Pebble watches the company aspiring to success a more extended battery life and “always-on” display function, however, that was not enough. Released Pebble Time Round 14mm Smartwatch for Apple/Android Devices – Silver/Stone, the company has tried to do everything possible to create the most attractive smart device ever on the market. As a result, they made a beautiful smartwatch that people don’t wont to take off.

Pebble Time Round is a fashionable smartwatch very lightweight, thin, and selling with colorful leather wristbands, which you can change every day. It’s the thinnest smartwatch in the world. Impressive thickness is only 7.5 mm and the weight is 28 grams especially if you realize that gadget’s case was made from metal.

The smartwatch looks good on a man’s hand especially if you choose a wider wristband. Pebble Time Round produces the biggest impression on women and satisfied those who don’t like big and heavy models on their elegant wrists. It would be nice to see more accessories for a new smartwatch especially in the bracelet’s category

The Design of a new model will be interesting for everyone. They don’t have any extra things such as a ribbed bezel or shining cheap stones. It is a round clock face with a 38,5 mm diameter. The case can be in gold, silver or black colors with 14 mm wristbands in five different colors and four different bracelets for 20 mm version. All wristbands include in the kit with the smartwatch so you can change them very often depending on your daily mood or a new dress and handbag. Besides, many other companies produce lots of different bracelets that you can buy. Even Pebble company doesn’t shame to advise its users some of the interesting wristbands from other manufacturers.

Pebble Time Round is not only a good looking fashionable device it’s a fitness tracker and watches at the same time. It has a colorful built-in display called “Sharp Memory LCD” with an E-Paper matrix type like in many E-Book Readers, its definition is 180×180 pixels. It’s not impressive for some geeks, but this display is very safe for eyes and you can use it in any weather. The display is always working and doesn’t take to much electricity. As we have mentioned before the display is not only safe for your health and also protected from any scratches or damage. It’s covered by 2,5D Corning Gorilla Glass you can even wash your hands, and don’t worry about your smartwatch, but you shouldn’t swimming or taking a shower with it.

As their squared predecessors, Pebble Time Round sending push messages from your phone which connected through Bluetooth and also counts your steps using special applications like a Misfit. The device is supporting other applications those you can control by using Pebble Time buttons and in some cases even voice commands.

The smartwatch has an interesting feature called Timeline which can help you to scroll information from the past and learn a list of upcoming events including timetable notes, missed calls, sport games results, and other important things.

Unfortunately, a list of applications for a new Pebble Time Round is poor, but developers do all possible to extend it and providing support for current applications also. You can’t run such popular apps like a Wunderlist or a Slack and it’s only a few examples. Pebble users should wait when developers would be interested in supporting this gadget. A Timeline feature is not ideal and needs to be modified for more accurate work too.

Pros Cons
Voice control
Always-on colorful screen feature
Fast charging
Very stylish device
Bad notifications system

6. Fitbit Charge 3 – stylish fitness tracker for women

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Stylish fitness tracker for women

At first sight Charge 3 looks like Charge 2 the same horizontal black and white screen and almost equal shapes and sizes, but if you look into more details you’ll see that engineers from Fitbit created absolutely a new fitness tracker.

A new tracker has an aluminum case and protected Gorilla Glass 3 display. Now the display supporting more extended color palette in addition to simple white and black colors. It’s also complemented by shades of gray and its active square area is increased to 40% comparing to Charge 2.

The modern fitness trackers market is dying. About five years ago you were gladly used simple features from your bracelets such as counted calories, blood pressure, steps, and other information but nowadays the issue is that no one cares about these functions anymore because they become something usual for everyone. The main problem is if you are in sports or just curious about it, you have already bought one. The inventions on the fitness tracker market are too slow and no need to buy a new tracker every year because you won’t get any reasonable updates. Of course, the quality of smart gadgets becomes higher every year but in this case, it depends only on materials or accessories that seles with a fitness tracker’s kit.

With the new Charge 3, you can dive to a depth of 50 meters and track your swim activities in the application. Apparently, to achieve a good waterproof feature a Charge 3 has not any buttons on the right side of the device, its role is performed by an inductive button. It means you need to push on a left or right device edge.

Heart rate monitor has been enhanced to collect more accurate data besides Fitbit Charge 3 has got a SpO2 sensor that providing pulse counting feature. The new battery will be enough for 7 days of an active device using, comparing the previous model its battery kept only 5 days without charging.

If you want to know more detailed information about fitness tracker hardware you can’t do this because the manufacturer decided to hide this information.

Specifications about the processor, RAM, and some other parameters are not available. Fitbit 3 is supporting a Bluetooth 4.0 and a built-in GPS module. The battery information is not listed, but it’s enough for 7 days of activities using the gadget as we have mentioned before, and it’s quite good results for this type of device.

Design of a new Fitbit Charge 3 was improved and refreshed. It has been 2 years since Charge 3 released. Misfit designers had to update their fitness trackers and make them fashionable and stylish. The display is almost the same as Charge 2 the engineers didn’t change bracelet connector it’s the same too. Unblock device button is on the left edge of the device, it becomes bigger and more convenient rather than on the previous model. So it’s easy to control a gadget now. The device’s color can be in two variations, strictly black and fashionable pink-gold. Of course, you can find lots of additional wristbands available for Fitbit Charge 3.

Pros Cons
Good battery life.
Quality materials
Good display
The low weight
Bugs in the app

7. Garmin Vívoactive HR Black – Stylish Fitness Watches for Men

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Stylish Fitness Watches for Men

Jaybird X3 Review Jaybird is a company that has perfected the art of wireless earphones. Their earphones have been around for years, and the X series is known for being one of the stylish. Although Jaybirds can be pricier than other competitors, they justify prices by delivering some great features.

If you are an active person, for example, camping, sports, and adventures this model is definitely for you. Garmin Vivoactive HR is not only a fashionable gadget but also an advanced tool for achieving amazing sports results. If you want to look serious in the gym or swimming pool Vivoactive HR can get you this chance. This gadget provides detailed statistics about all your physical activities that’s why sportsmen like this tracker it’s monitoring their sports results so accurate and helps to achieve the goals.

The edge between sports fitness trackers and watches is disappearing gradually and finding a gadget without the necessary features is impossible now. Manufacturers trying to extend the functionality of their product by adding new sports features, and developers creating additional software apps to accomplish the stylish sports results by users.

Garmin company is well known by many people for its leading positions in the navigation services and devices, but they make lots of effort to take top place on the smartwatches, fitness trackers, and action cameras market.

When once upon a time you’ll see a fitness tracker blood pressure monitor with Garmin logo don’t be surprised because they make really good sports gadgets and ensure every user of its accuracy. You can be calm because the manufacturer has analyzed the market and all user’s demand on such devices, as a result, Vivoactive HR has become an independent device appropriate for sports professionals or common users.

Engineers have made Garmin Vivoactive HR with nice technical specs. It has a screen diagonal 1,42 inches with a resolution of 205 x 148 pixels. Li-Ion battery (capacity does not mention), waterproof protection – 5 ATM or dive up to 50 meters. Sensors: fitness tracker built-in GPS, accelerometer, heart rate monitor, altimeter, vibration motor, Bluetooth 4.0. The device is going with this kit set: smartwatch, cable with USB-plug on one end, and the contact pad on the other, instruction.

Garmin Vivoactive has an interesting design it’s thin, stylish, and lightweight. The designers and engineers made lots of work to make their product fashionable and multi-tasking. You can wear it on work with a suit using like a fashionable accessory or go to the gym after work, and use it as a fitness tracker to monitor all sports results, it doesn’t matter, it’s a universal device. You can always improve the feelings from using your gadget by changing wristband on a more colorful one. Despite the fact that Garmin Vivoactive has been created as a professional sports gadget it looks so thin and changes your impressions of using them in a positive case.

Garmin Vivoactive has only two mechanical control buttons all other Interactions with the device are making by touchscreen. Button on the left side is responsible for turn on/off the device. Right side button for menu features such as start/end training. All other commands are performed by tapping on the big sensor display. The menu is simple to deal with and be accustomed to users.

Garmin company placed Vivoactive HR to the fitness category, but it doesn’t mean that a device can be only used by professional sportsmen. Developers are creating apps for common users, but mostly all software intended for sportsmen. All applications you can download in the Connect IQ store.

Engineers care about your health that’s why the device is tracking your heart rate day and night constantly. If your training is hard Vivoactive HR will show you the dynamics of decreasing and increasing pulse so you don’t need to use any cardiac monitors anymore.

Not all fitness trackers or watches can brag so many features and good-looking design, small weight, thin edges. Garmin Vivoactive HR is definitely worth its price because of quality and accuracy.

Pros Cons
Design and Display
GPS accuracy
Convenient wrist-based heart rate monitor
Compact design
No sleep monitor
HR monitoring does not work during swimming

8. Fitbit Flex 2- Stylish Fitness Tracker for yoga

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Stylish Fitness Tracker for yoga

Fitbit Flex 2 is an improved version of the popular fitness tracker Fitbit. It’s almost the same model Flex with extended functionality that helps to process a large amount of statistical information.

Fitbit Flex 2 Is a most balanced one in Fitbit fitness trackers family. Stylish design extended functional, waterproof, and easy to use synchronization with other gadgets these all features makes the device be claimed by many users. It’s perfect for active people who care about their health.

Comparing to other fitness trackers Fitbit Flex 2 is a good choice if you don’t want to pay too much for some extra features which it doesn’t have.

If you need a fitness tracker for the gym, Fitbit Flex 2 can be a good choice because you get all general features as like as in a more expensive one but you don’t overpay for it. You can swim or take a shower with this gadget.

Fitbit Flex 2 is tracker for amateur runners and swimmers because it has a step counter algorithm and waterproof protection, but it’s not enough for professional swimmers some competitive trackers from more expensive segments have better developers’ support and a social media sharing features. Due to low weight and thin case, Fitbit Flex 2 is comfortable to wear even on the small wrist. You will be fashionable with any wear or event.

A new model saved all design shapes like an original Flex. It doesn’t have a display just only several LED indicators. Flex 2 capsule is removing for charging from silicon wristband in the same way as on the previous model. The capsule size is decreased by 30% now it has 31,7 x 8,9 x 6,8 millimeters with only 23,5 grams weight. The bracelet becomes thinner and color LED indicators located along its length not across.

Decreased size and weight are absolutely a huge advantage for people who are looking for stylish fitness trackers for Crossfit. All accessories from the previous model, unfortunately, are not capable with the new one, if you are a Flex owner this is maybe sad news for you, but on this time Fitbit company has already reached an agreement with other accessories companies to make new fashionable bracelets, pendants, and other beautiful things for their new devices.

Pros Cons
Waterproof up to 50 meters deep
Impressive battery life.
Good budget fitness tracker
Automatic sleep tracking feature
Compact design
No GPS module

9. Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 – Stylish Fitness Tracker for Kids

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Stylish Fitness Tracker for Kids

Few people know that Garmin makes fitness trackers and smartwatches not only for adults but for kids also.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 was created for kids with the motivation purposes to make their life more active and help to achieve results in playing form.

The first generation of this gadget was released in 2016, and at the end of 2017, the manufacturer decided to update this line for kids by releasing Vivofit Jr. 2. A new version of gadget has many new features and updates including “always active colorful display” option.

The kids can earn virtual coins and rewards while achieving some real-life goals. By completing everyday tasks the kid will have fun and develop himself at the same time. Garmin wants parents to have some benefits out of the desire of their kids wearing Vivofit jr 2. In this way, you will be able to set a reminder to clean teeth before sleep or not to miss everyday morning exercise.

Pursuing to make a more attractive and most stylish fitness tracker for kids Garmin has teamed up with Disney and released trendy wristbands. As a result, they succeeded in kid’s motivation and made them want to wear the tracker all the time.

Garmin Vivofit Jr 2 wristbands are very high-quality. A lot of time was spent on its manufacturing so kids could wear the device 24 hours and feel convenient with it. Vivofit Jr. 2 is a most stylish fitness tracker for a small. It’s also available to buy a fitness tracker with a flexible or adjustable wristband. The first one is appropriate for children from 4 to 6 years and another one from 6 and older. The main advantage of these bracelets in their easy replacement. It’s very convenient that you can buy a device and find lots of accessories for it depending on your preferences.

The first generation of Garmin Vivofit jr was produced in three bright colors but they were not creative and unique. The second generation looks more appealing and bright. That’s all because Garmin started to work with Disney, Marvel, and other big media companies, whose characters now adorning kid’s bracelets.

Garmin Vivofit jr 2 consists of two parts the main fitness controller and a bracelet. If something becomes broken you can replace that part. As a model of the first generation, Vivofit Jr. 2 works with replaceable battery CR1632 that has only one year of lifetime.

A wristband reliably holds the main module of fitness tracker inside of polymer case. Gadget has a decent colorful display that is 11 x 11mm size with 88 x 88 pixels resolution. Display with backlit is very similar to a cheap version of Garmin trackers. It is quite good but not perfect since it doesn’t support any touch ability and the display is quite small for scrolling and tapping instead of this, it has a big button for switching between screens. By holding the button it activates additional features such as timers, medals, and rewards.

As a standard for all gadgets, Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2 is capable of swimming due to waterproof protection in 5 atmospheres. Tracker doesn’t afraid of any water contact this is relevant, especially for kids.

Vivofit Jr 2 display is colorful and very simple that’s why children can easily understand all gadget’s features. It shows some standard information like time, date, steps count. It also has a panel with info of kids moving during a day and how many hours they sleep.

The parents can control their children’s activities through the smartphone application. They can set daily or weekly tasks and time for its activation also. Garmin application allows us to obtain group tasks, but they available only to those kids who have a tracker Vivofit Jr 2 so it’s a very interesting marketing decision from company to engage and create their own customer’s community.

Pros Cons
Many features and the small size.
Good battery life.
Long battery life (up to 1 year)
Colorful design
No GPS/location service

10. Misfit Ray fitness tracker without screen

Stylish Fitness Tracker: Most Fashionable Fitness Trackers
Fitness tracker without screen

Misfit company is one of the first who has started creating a most stylish fitness tracker without a screen. The first model was released in early 2013 and its called Shine. At that time on the internet was only rumors about Apple company’s intent to capture the wearable gadgets market. During that time when Samsung was presenting a Galaxy Gear, Misfit was selling its accessories for sportsmen and swimmers already. That’s all because their gadgets had water protection and many helpful features at those times.

Misfit Ray fitness tracker does not have any extraordinary abilities and is not impressive like a Motown ring, but nevertheless, it has many useful features such as vibration, push-messages on a display, steps counting, alarm clock, sleeping tracker, and calories counting, but you need to input additional information into the application on your smartphone manually for more accurate counting.

The biggest feature of Misfit Ray is an attractive design. Simple shapes nothing extra, high-quality materials. You can wear Misfit Ray with any type of suite it will look perfect on men’s or woman’s wrist. Fitness tracker will perfectly fit with accessories for business and active people. You can change a wristband on leather one and easily wear Misfit Ray on an important business meeting, and you will not break the strict dress code. You can find many different wristbands available for Misfit Ray on the market. It is a very fashionable fitness tracker for women because they can wear it as a pendant, and also this is a most stylish fitness tracker you can wear on ankle many customers like this option.

Misfit company introduced a quite controversial but most stylish fitness tracker among other products, that has a significantly different design comparing to their previous products. Misfit Ray is very fashionable and has lots of helpful features. This product is very universal and fits for sportsmen and business people. The designers explaining their decision: “People have only 2 hands and not everyone wants to wear something looks like a device from space movies”. And their solution is logically understandable everyone can wear Misfit Ray with classical or other types of a watch and looks stylish and fashionable. This device doesn’t look like the most stylish fitness tracker more like a fashion accessory. It fits on any wrist that doesn’t matter you have a small or big one it will be convenient for you.

Regarding technical specifications, Misfit Ray has a 38 mm length and weighs only 7 grams, the maximum driving distance around 50 meters. The engineers cared about Misfit Ray’s safety. The wristbands connect with tracker very reliable and you will never lose it from your wrist. The previous model Shine 2 has some issues with wristbands connecting and many consumers complaining about it.

Misfit Ray one of the stylish fashionable fitness trackers that Misfit company has been created it’s simple, stylish, and has many features.

Pros Cons
Small size.
Good battery life.
Stylish design
No heart rate monitor tracking
No display

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