Is it possible power bank self-charging? Sure, if it has a solar battery charging system. We will discuss the stylish cheap solar battery bank rating.

Surely, you know the USA, Europe, and Asia trying to obtain their power supplies from solar renewable energy. It means they building wind and solar power stations. In the case of wind power stations, this solution requires much space and much-complicated maintenance instead of solar farms. Besides, solar panels are much flexible than huge wind mils, and you can adapt them to different small and portable solutions.

That’s why it’s not surprising that engineers become implement solar panels into Power Bank chargers. It’s simple and genius that you can charge your power storage from the sun. Big capacity type of battery for solar power.

We want to introduce our star rating of the stylish solar power banks in 2020.

1. TUNDRAS 5,000mAh Portable Solar Power Bank Charger

Cheap Solar Battery bank: Stylish Portable Solar Banks
Portable Solar Power Bank Charger

A device with an impressively low price but unfortunately can’t brag big bank’s capacity. It’s one of the stylish in category cheap solar battery banks. The eco-friendly portable solar bank allows you to charge your solar battery while going. Hang it out on a backpack as a trinket, using a hard hook and your Solar Power bank will be charging during the day. It’s a very convenient solution especially if you like camping or hiking.

There is also an emergency light feature if you’ll need it. It’s a very flexible and versatile solution that will work with any type of device, but, unfortunately, the small capacity ability as we have mentioned before, doesn’t allow you to change all your gadgets. You also can charge this solar power bank from USB or electricity socket. Approximately time to full charge is around 4 hours. Only after the fully device charged you can start charging it from built-in Solar Cells.

The device has many cool features like water resistance and high durability. So you shouldn’t worry about solar power bank safety. Besides, a device able to charge two phones at the same time because it has 2 USB ports and 1 micro USB port.

Battery life is around 250-300 times of continuous use. There are 4 blue indicator lights, they will show battery level and how soon you need to charge it. Battery cell type is a polymer and it is rechargeable, but not replaceable. The device is a simple and cheap solar battery bank

Pros Cons
Small size.
Cheap Solar Battery Bank.
You can charge two smartphones at the same time.
Small battery capacity.
A hook’s clip is not reliable.


Cheap Solar Battery bank: Stylish Portable Solar Banks

The stylish budget solar power bank model with good power capacity able to charge two devices at the same time. The main feature is a Qi Wireless Charger, compatible with all qi-enabled devices like iPhone 11/ 11 Pro/ Pro Max/ iPhone Xs/ Xs Max/ XR/ X/ 8/ 8 Plus, Samsung Galaxy S10/ S9/ S9 Plus S8/ S8 Plus bluetooth wireless earbuds cheap etc.

Because it’s a cheap solar power bank category this gadget has only 1 USB output, 1 Micro USB input, and 1 USB C input. All inputs and outputs current equal to DC 5V/ 2.1A. 10000 mAh is enough to charge your gadgets if you’ll be camping or somewhere without electricity socket access. Even when the sun hides from the clouds you’ll still have power for charging. The battery type is Li-polymer.

This particular model is not heavy only 263g and has good protection because of ABS+PC+Silicone materials. The gadget also has splashproof, dustproof, and shockproof protection, sturdy and durable IPX4 rating. For convenient wearing, the manufacturer provided a carabiner clip with a compass, so you can use it as an accessory for your backpack or bag.

Power bank charging options only two, you can use USB inputs or solar panels. There are LED indicators providing charge information status. One of the strong sides of this device is a double flashlight it can be helpful in the nighttime. We think it’s one of the stylish choices for hiking, camping, climbing, and long journeys available on the market now.

Pros Cons
Good capacity.
Able charging from USB inputs (socket or laptop) and the sun.
It can charge two devices simultaneously.
Bright double flashlight.
Not heavy.
Water and dust resistance.
Low price.
Good case quality doesn’t afraid to fall on the ground.
Low current only a 2.1A, it will take some time once your gadgets charge fully.
Slow solar charging feature.


Cheap Solar Battery bank: Stylish Portable Solar Banks
Cheap Solar Battery bank: Stylish Portable Solar Banks

This model released for the tourism gadgets category and the device’s design and good power capacity is proofing this release. The solar panel is quite wide and you have the option to clip it on your backpack and continue your journey while charging your solar power bank. You can charge your iPhone and iPad simultaneously while itself charged by the sunlight.

In case of good sunny weather, a device can generate around 800 mAh and the total battery capacity is 15.000 mAh. You can charge this device from an electrical socket or USB input or from a solar panel. The battery type is Li-polymer. The total device’s weight is only 306g. Weather sealed and dust protection also available. Cheap solar power battery banks don’t afraid of rain or hits.

The maximum current power is 2,4 А. There are light indicators on the front side of the case. Bright flashlight unfortunately only one but it has good lighting power. Device’s case made from silicone and light plastic. The model has safe protect modes for overcharge, current jumps, short circuits, overheating, high current, or voltage. One of the stylish features is saving battery mode when you charge your gadget 100% power bank understand and stop charging.

The manufacturer provides one Micro USB cable and a customer manual brochure.

Pros Cons
Travel model – can be mounted on a backpack and charge gadgets on the go.
Two USB outputs.
There is smartphone protection.
Battery indication.
There is a flashlight.
Cheap Solar Battery Bank.
Fairly slow charging speed.
The actual battery capacity is less than stated.

4. Solar Charger 20,000mAh, Qi Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank

Cheap Solar Battery bank: Stylish Portable Solar Banks
Qi Wireless Portable Solar Power Bank

It’s almost a perfect portable solar power bank with good capacity and able to charge all your gadgets. You can take it with you on a long journey trip or for everyday using in case if you want to carry a 357g device with you.

It’s capable of charging all kinds of modern gadgets like smartphones, tablets, action cameras, and even laptops. In some cases charging speed will be slower than from usual socket adapter but it’s a portable solution and some people accept this compromise.

This solar power bank has a rechargeable Li-polymer battery and it’s not the stylish battery type on the market, but based on the price range and quality it’s the perfect choice for this price.

What can happen with this power bank in the future? We suppose after every 350 cycles a gadget will lose 10% of all battery capacity. In the case of 20,000 mAh it wouldn’t be so critical especially depends on your charging demands. The worst script can happen is the bank’s case can swell and it’s a well-known problem of all Li-polymer battery types.

This external solar power bank made for those who have lots of gadgets. And especially for those people who have an iPad or Android tablet because of the total amount of capacity. And the stylish thing that you can charge some amount of mAh from the sun but you should not rely on this technology fully it’s just a good feature and unfortunately not 100% full alterative versus general electricity. Even from socket adapter, you need around 6-8.5h charging time and then your power storage is ready.

The device has three 3A outputs & dual 2A inputs, qi wireless charging technology, wide solar panels that provide more solar charging productivity. The current power in 3A is more than enough to charge your smartphone battery in one hour. The device is perfect for outdoor use because of IP54 rainproof & shockproof and dustproof protection. The case material is ABS+PC+ Silicone. You can also clip it on your backpack or bag and use it like a trinket or fashionable accessory gadget. The device’s design is really good and you can pick one of several colors option. A bright flashlight will help you once you’ll be camping or night hunting or fishing. There are 4 small flashlights in a row with the power of each 0.5W and it’s a really decent bright ability for such a small device.

Products kit includes 1 x Micro USB Charging Cable,1 x Hanger,1 x Carabiner, 1 x User Manual, and a cheap solar battery bank. For customers, the safety manufacturer advises don’t leave the power bank in your car, or on intensive and hot sunlight for too long and keep the solar power bank out of the reach of children and avoid inappropriate use by children.

Pros Cons
Very high capacity.
The waterproof housing is used.
Three USB sockets with 3A current are built-in.
The battery itself can be charged with high amperage.
Cheap Solar Battery Bank.
Slow charging from the solar panel.
Battery capacity is lower than 20,000 mAh.

5. Solar Charger, 25,000mAh Battery Solar Power Bank Portable Panel Charger

Cheap Solar Battery bank: Stylish Portable Solar Banks
Battery Solar Power Bank Portable Panel Charger

If you are going to a vocation or some trips or doing camping or other outdoor activities, this solar power bank is a versatile charging device for any type of portable electronics. This solar power bank has an ability to charging not only from the socket and also from the sun. If you are going hiking a powerful light will be helpful. There are 36 small LEDs on the backside panel. You have 3 light modes feature, small mode requires a low battery charge, the middle is a decent light mode allows you to see everything in a 5 meters radius in the dark and hight light mode allows you to see everything in a radius of 15 meters, so it will be applicable on a journey, or adventure, rock climbing, and outings, it’s the perfect companion for you and your friends

There are 3 USB outputs and you can charge simultaneously 3 different devices. The current power is 1A, 2A, 2A, and compatible with iPhone, Samsung, Android phones, Windows phones, GoPro camera, GPS, tablets, and most USB charging devices. Hight current or voltage and electricity jump protection is available in the device. The solar panel requires 3-7 days charging, according to the weather, to the full battery charge.

Engineers made it very compact and convenient to use a solar power bank with good design and nice to touch stylish and decent ABS materials. From one side solar panel and 36 small LEDs light from another. There are color indicators on the front side that are not only stylish but useful, you can push the button and see how low your solar power bank is. Gadget’s design is very ergonomic, decent and you don’t need much time to begin using it.

IPX6 waterproof and dustproof are also a great advantage for such kind of device. You can clip it on your backpack as well as the previous models we have mentioned before. A charging indicator located on the front side of the case will show you the level of charge from the solar panel and you don’t need to flip it every time to see charging status. If you want you can charge your solar power bank not only under direct sunlight and also artificial light would be enough, for example, reading-lamp or other room’s light source.

Pros Cons
Good capacity 25.000mAh.
IPX 6 Waterproof.
36 LEDs 3 modes of flashlight.
3 USB Output.
The power bank takes more than 7hrs to charge fully and 3-7 days from the sunlight.
20,000mAh compared to the actual capacity of the battery 25.000mAh.

6. BONAI Solar Power Bank 30,000mAh,(Huge Capacity)

Cheap Solar Battery bank: Stylish Portable Solar Banks
Huge Capacity Solar Power Battery Bank

Bonai Solar Power Bank 30000mAh with LED Flashlight this one of the stylish portable solar bank chargers available on the market now. Elegant and ergonomic design enhanced with a solar panel on the front side and a big battery capacity worth its price. So let’s look more detailed at all the advantages of using this device.

It’s not only a fashionable solar power bank but also a good functionality device. There are several main features that gadget has. Power battery charger with the ability of sunlight self-charging, it takes some time (10 hours) but it’s a free energy source and a good option for such big capacity devices.

Battery type is a lithium polymer and it’s can be charged from two inputs simultaneously to reduce charging time. All inputs and outputs, current power is 5V/4.2A.

Before use Bonai Solar Power Bank you must charge it fully it can take some hours in case of the device capacity, and after you can start using it as a charger source for all your gadgets such as smartphones, laptops, action cameras, or laptops, and DSLR cameras also. There are 4 USB and USB type C inputs and you can charge simultaneously 4 devices at the same time.

Safety protection is also provided, short circuit, overvoltage, overcurrent, overcharge, overheating. Unfortunately, this model doesn’t have waterproof protection. Easily hang it on your backpack with the included hook. The device weight is 560grams and it’s not heavy for such a big capacity power bank category.

A bright flashlight is another good feature of this device. It can be helpful if you are going hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, and other outdoor activities. The flashlight has decent LED quality and provides a good lighting level.

You can control your flashlight’s modes bu pressing the button, the manufacturer made an instruction of use:
Turn on: press the ON/OFF by twice.
Turn off:: press the ON/OFF by twice.

Pros Cons
High capacity.
Stylish design.
Cheap Solar Battery Bank.
You can charge several gadgets at the same time.
Different color schemes.
Low price.
Only 1 flashlight.
Not waterproof.

7. 50,000mah Solar Power Bank 2 LED 2 USB Battery Charger Waterproof Black+Black

Cheap Solar Battery bank: Stylish Portable Solar Banks
LED 2 USB Battery Charger Waterproof Black+Black

Your powerful partner in any journey, portable solar power bank with a big capacity 50,000 mAh. The device has two USB outports and you can charge any gadget in your backpack. Simultaneous device charging is an amazing option.

Overcharge, overheat, overcurrent protection is provided, and waterproof and dust resistance as well. A more advanced current delivery system for steady device charging.

Easy to carry, small solar power bank case’s size or ability to be clipped on a backpack with the hook.

A double LED flashlight will be helpful in any kind of journey or activity. Compass as an additional bonus on the backside of the device.

Good ergonomic design with color case options you can choose with will be better for you. ABS + silicon materials and two lithium polymer batteries type.

Pros Cons
Stylish, portable, user-friendly, and durable for on-the-go use.
Big battery capacity.
Cheap Solar Battery Bank
Big capacity
Waterproof and dust resistant.
Real capacity is much less than 50,000 mAh.
The flashlight button sometimes stuck.

Each year customers demand higher requirements for their electronic gadgets. Manufacries improving smartphone efficiency sacrifices battery’s capacity, as a result, low battery life. In case of when you additional charging only one reasonable solution is to use a Power Bank.

First-generation power banks were not so huge a capacity ability as nowadays. If you were lucky you could charge your phone only twice and then Power Bank discharged.

Sometimes you need to charge your iPhone or any other Android smartphone asap and the only way out of this issue is to have an additional charging system called Power Bank. The latest models have a great capacity and it will be enough to charge your smartphone, action camera, smartwatch or stylish fitness tracker, and even laptop or tabled like iPad or others.

Choosing a solar power bank or cheap gimbal for iphone is not complicated nowadays because there are lots of cheap and decent offers on the market but anyway before you should read some information like how to choose a solar power bank guide. Because some companies selling the same properties products, but at a higher price. Our stylish solar power bank rating helps you to reduce expenses and make a good choice that perfectly satisfies your needs.

Purpose of use.

You should not buy a maximum solar Power Bank’s capacity available now on the market. Sometimes companies using numbers of capacity as a marketing move to sell products as much as they can.


Pay attention to current and voltage indicators and information. As a standard 5 W is considered stylish for many electronic gadgets. It’s dangerous to connect 5W modules to 9W or higher otherwise, they will burn out.


In the case of design and capacity, it’s all on customer’s demands and individual preferences. The most popular models on the market are solar power banks with a capacity of 5000 mAh and up to 30000 mAh. In this review, we will look at all popular models of solar power banks starting from lowes capacity on the market 5000mAh. But we highly recommend pay attention to banks from 10000 mAh for additional charge opportunity. And avoid choosing big solar power banks’ capacity options without any solid reason because of the device’s price and heavyweight. You should remember that you had to carry this charging gadget the whole day long and sometimes in hot weather also. We highly recommend choosing a middle solar power bank’s category considering your preferences in design, price, and customer experience.

A good and cheap solar power bank will be useful to anyone who wants a portable charging solution for gadgets like iPhone, GoPro, iPad, smartwatch, etc. As we all know common smartphone battery life is around 1 or 2 days but with solar power banks, you can increase your smartphone battery life even a few days more.

As we have defined what’s Solar Power Bank we can start our rating stylish cheap solar power banks of 2020. Let’s underline in case of this power bank device category the main feature is a solar panel and you should pay attention to this feature and let’s look at the main properties of solar panels.

Solar efficiency in percentages.




Cadmium Telluride

Copper indium selenide


As we can see, solar efficiency changing significantly from 5 to 22% and it’s almost 4 times more. Many manufactories do not inform customers regarding solar battery type on their devices, but if we count approximately we’ll get next thing if power bank’s surface is equal to to100 square centimeters and its maximum productivity will be 150 mAh. To charge the power bank of 10000 mAh capacity from a solar panel takes around 60 hours. Divide this time into 8 light hours in a day and you’ll get around 18% of the charge per day.


In 2020 you cant find a smartphone with small displays, every year’s market growing, processors became more powerful, and only batteries can adapt to people’s demands. Social media and communication become a part of life for many people. If you occur with switched off smartphones it equals you isolate from the world.

We highly recommend to all progressive people using a portable solar power bank as an additional power source for all their gadgets. There are lots of offers from different companies that start from small like a keychain accessory with 2500 mAh capacity and big power banks 90,000 mAh able to charge laptop or smartphone whole week.

Solar power banks difference not only in capacity but also in some interesting additional features. Ports quantity, waterproof, and other protection abilities. Flashlights, Qi Wireless charge ports, etc, Of course, more additional features will increase the device’s price. But among the budget solar power banks category, there are many options that can satisfy many customers’ demands.

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